From Supernovas to Snails: The Lack of Superfluousness in God

Why did God create?  What is the purpose of breathing out the stars (Psalm 33:6) or shaping the form of man with His hands (Gen. 2:7)?  When one considers the variety of species, people groups, cultures, languages, astronomical phenomena, and the breadth of the universe, it would seem as if God went a little overboard in creation.

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200 Words or Less: God is Clean

Then the priest shall wash his clothes and bathe his body in water, and afterward he may come into the camp. But the priest shall be unclean until evening. (Numbers 19:7)

Humans vary between clean and unclean. But God is eternally clean. God does not EVER require improvement, polishing, or purifying. He does not need an intercessor. He does not need to be isolated so that others will not be infected with His uncleanness. He’s forever clean.

God is self-sufficiently clean. He is the source of His cleanness. He is His own fountain of living water. He is the First Cause of all creation and, consequently, of all holiness. God does not improve or evolve, as some suggest. Cleanness erupts but never dissolves within Him. His self-sufficiency sustains His holiness.

God is wholly clean. He is the perfect atoning sacrifice for our sins, because in all ways God is clean. His directions are clean (His Word is Truth). His judgments are clean (He’s righteous in all His ways). There are no inappropriate thoughts in His omniscience, no abuse of power in His omnipotence.  There is no vulnerability to wickedness in His omnipresence. He may witness a million sins but He commits none of them. His cleanness protects Him from being tempted and from tempting.  There is no blemish in Him. He is wholly, eternally, self-sufficiently clean!