200 Words or Less: God

How do you “know that the LORD is God”? Certainly I cannot know this in its entirety by mere cognitive assent. Knowing that He is God will require me to understand God’s characteristics and to have a life of worship because of who He is. Knowing He is God means knowing that I am not God. I am the created. He is the Creator. I am the servant. He is the master. I am the obedient, following sheep. He is the good, loving, shepherd. I must understand my position in relationship to God in order to have the proper relationship with God.

So often we rely on ourselves instead of on I AM. We want part of the glory. But He is all sufficient. If we can grasp who the I AM is, we would probably not struggle with wanting to worship ourselves. If we could worship Him in His holiness, because He is God, we would find our lives revolutionized. our perspective would be transformed. Our worship would be continuous.

O, LORD, teach me and show me that You alone are God.


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