200 Words or Less: Sustainer

There will always be those who try to tear us down and to destroy what God has set up. Below are some thoughts on how God sustains us, as outlined in the first five chapters of Psalms. Links have been added to the verses for your convenience.

WHEN God sustains:

In the judgment (1:5-6)

In difficulties (2:12)

In our service of Him (2:11-12)

Against impossible odds (3:6)

In our distress (4:1)

In our sighing and cries for help (5:1-2)

Despite our enemies (2-5)

In our love for Him (5:11)

HOW God sustains us:

By His Word (1:1-2)

Plants us beside living water to ensure that we are nourished, yield fruit in season, and that we do not wither. (1:3)

God’s confidence sustains us as He laughs and scoffs at anyone who would conspire to destroy what He has set up (2:4).

By His spoken declarations (2:7-8).

By His wrath and defending those He claims as His own. (2:5, 3:3,5).

By filling our hearts with superior joy in Him (4:7-8).

In our hearts (4:6-8)

He banishes the wicked for their rebellion (5:10).

He spreads His protection over them (5:11)

He shields the righteous with His favor (5:12).

WHY God sustains:

Because He has chosen the godly for Himself (4:3).

Because He is holy (5:4).

Because it pleases Him (5:12)


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