Who I am

Since I was a youth, I have had three competing passions: writing, psychology (yes, I was the 12-year-old geek receiving Psychology Today weekly), and pursuing God passionately. This led me to eventually receive a BA in Journalism from Baylor University (Sic ’em, Bears!), and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a Masters in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I became ordained shortly thereafter.

Though many ministers work full-time at a church, I believe God has called me to serve in the capacity of Christian counseling. I spend most of my time helping couples find reconciliation and hope in marriages that they thought were lost causes, but I also perform individual and adolescent counseling as well. As a Christian, I am always looking for ways to integrate an accurate theology with sound psychology, but I realize that this endeavor can often be a tightrope with high gusts of wind. On this site you will find posts of a theological nature as well as ones about relationships. It is my hope that you find these writings both insightful and helpful as you selflessly pursue God, or your spouse, in love.


Before I Begin…

…let’s get one thing straight.

I HATE camping.

The cramped quarters. The temperature drop that always seems to fall 20 degrees cooler than expected. The tent whose only purpose in life is to wreak havoc on the spatially challenged. The sudden loss of daylight that invariably occurs when trying to set up said tent. The constant infestation of dirt in everything from food to clothes to the inside of my sleeping bag. (Heck, even my toothbrush feels gritty.) And, of course, the backache that turns me into Quasimodo for three days after the camping trip is over. Yeah. That’s fun.
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