Faith Seeking Understanding

It was with a sad heart that I received the news this morning that a former pastor of mine had committed suicide after a long battle with depression. Although I have not attended that church in about 5 years, I still remember my former pastor as a loving individual and a strong leader. Like everyone, he had his flaws, and as with many pastors in my life, I only knew him from a Sunday morning distance. Still, he seemed to be a solid man of  God who tried to serve to the Lord with his life.

The hallmark of a good pastor, I believe, is that he leaves you thinking. Continue reading

How High School English Can Save Your Marriage

My teachers were a special breed.

Some inspired hard work, like Mrs. Beaver in 1st grade. She was the one who always reminded me, “If you put your mind to it, you can do it, do it, do it.”

Some were nurturing, like Mrs. Sealy in 4th grade. She was the one who always baked a birthday cake for each student when their date rolled around.

Some were owl-like in their foresight, like Mrs. Wise in 5th grade. She was the first one to encourage me to pursue creative writing as more than just a hobby.

And some, like Mrs. Templeton in 10th grade English, tattooed on me the fear of God. Continue reading