Ok. It’s been waaaay too long since I posted something. I am not trying to be neglectful of my blog. In fact, I have been working on a post for the last four weeks that I thought would be easy to write. Maybe you know the feeling. You see a truth you had never seen before and ideas for a post fly around the brain like unfettered popcorn.

But when you see sit down to write, the article will not develop. You attack it from as many angles as you can: humorous, honest, theological, apologetic, casual…. None of them work. You want the world to know what you have discovered. You want it to change their lives as much as it is changing yours. So, in your zeal, you break the cardinal rule of writing and share your truth verbally with people. Surprisingly, this works. You find that you can articulate the truth out loud, but when you sit down to write again…nothing comes. For a while, you consider making the post a vlog. Not an original idea, but perhaps it will allow you to at least share what you wanted to say.

Then you realize you have no idea how to post that to WordPress. So, you go back to writing.

Still, the article frustrates you like continually buffering wifi signal. You almost give up but decide that it’s a matter of principle now. You are going to figure this post out if it kills you.

You feel guilty that you haven’t posted anything in a month, and begin to wonder if you can use any of your past writings to cover the gap while you continue to work. Then you run across an old devotional that you had written for your church half a decade ago. It’s short but poignant. It speaks to only one of the issues holding you back with the original article, but it is worth sharing, nonetheless.

So, consider this my apology for being so quiet lately. I hope you like the devotional below as much as I enjoyed writing it years ago.

I’ll be back later with the other article. I cannot give up. I will not lose.


“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)


When God becomes the ruler by which we measure our perfection, our entire perspective changes.  We suddenly realize that all of our rationalizations for good behavior have failed us, and our efforts to succeed without God are useless.  Our sinful self condemned us to God’s judgment, and it cannot, on its own, rescue us from judgment.  There must be a death to self that occurs.  We need the life of Christ to inhabit us so that we may become like Him.  Unless we submit ourselves to God by sacrificing our lives for God we will never succeed in our striving to be like God.


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